WGS welcomes Nick Leeming and Nigel Beckett to the team

Welcome to Nick and Nigel who joined the team on 5th January 2015.

Steve says “WGS are here for the long term.  We are investing heavily in the business to ensure we provide all of our customers with what they are paying for without the need to chase us. We now have a first class management, technical and business support team - very experienced, innovative and dynamic”.

If you would like to speak to any of the team please feel free to contact them direct:-


Clive – Business Development Manager – clive@wessexgroundsservices.co.uk – 07584297258

Amanda – Office Manager – amanda@wessexgroundsservices.co.uk – 07795515864

Iain – Operations Manager (West) – iain@wessexgroundsservices.co.uk – 07920452102

Nick – Operations Manager (East) – nick@wessexgroundsservices.co.uk – 07825137943

Nigel – Business Support Officer – nigel@wessexgroundsservices.co.uk – 07920407078


Wishing you all a successful New Year

Steve Harris, Managing Director




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