Wessex Grounds Services awarded Duchy of Cornwall Grounds Maintenance Contract

Wessex Grounds Services is pleased to announce the start of a grounds maintenance contract at the innovative Poundbury development in Dorchester.

Steve Harris, WGS Managing Director said “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract with The Duchy of Cornwall. We look forward to working in partnership to provide an outstanding grounds maintenance programme to the highest standard.”

Poundbury is a new urban development on the outskirts of Dorchester. Designed by the Prince of Wales, work began on the site in the mid 1990’s and the development should be completed in 2025. The site will add approximately 5000 to the population of Dorchester with 2000 jobs in factories, office and general facilities around the site. Poundbury is made up of town houses, cottages, shops and light industry. Its innovative design allows the combination of traditional style architectures, environmentally friendly building techniques and modern town planning to create a thriving community in which people can work and live in close proximity.

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