Considerations of a Landscaping Project.

Landscaping Projects should include considerations before initiation.

As with any project or redesign it is important that your money is well spent. Landscaping is no different whether you are dealing with hard or soft landscaping. Hard landscaping is the term that is used to describe the construction materials and elements in landscaping and the soft landscaping is used to describe the vegetative materials.

When designing your new landscape there are many considerations to be included. It is ok to have an idea or maybe an image of what you would like but then it must be worked out whether it will be feasible in that area, for that purpose and within that budget.

Here are some of the considerations that need to take place with landscaping.

  • Use & Purpose

Considering how the space is to be used. Some space will have more than one purpose. It maybe that the space will be for playing, sports, entertaining, relaxing or a formal area etc. It may require vehicle access on some of it or water features.

  • Who Will Use It

Having established the purpose or purposes of the area then next you need to consider who might be using it. Will it be primarily adults, children, pets or a combination? Will the area need disabled accessibility?

  • Soil Type & Nutrients

It is important to check for soil type before you start planning both the hard & soft elements of your landscaping. For example, it is no good planting a whole load of plants in a soil unsuitable for them as in no time at all they will all die. All that money spent and nothing to show for it. When considering landscaping the soil type is essential to know as it will hold the key to drainage, nutrients and behaviour. This allows one to then know which materials and vegetation will work and flourish.

  • Environment and Climate

You will need to consider which areas are sunny and shady. Work out which ways to face things in terms of maximising scenic views or making the most of the sun. Don’t forget to include the most common wind direction and the contours of the natural landscape especially when considering water flow, amount and drainage.

You will also need to consider any design constraints for example trees that have preservation orders, foundations and utilities etc.

  • Planting Zones

Knowing your zones will allow you to obtain plants that are correct for that location considering the environmental and climatic conditions.

  • Hydro Behaviour

Understanding how water behaves within the area is important. Hydro zoning will allow for plants with similar water requirements to be clustered together. This is also a consideration hard landscaping so that drainage can be created or pooling of water allowed.

  • Style

Last but not least you need to consider the aesthetic appeal and style of the landscaping.

Consider all of the above before initiating your landscaping project. If you are not confident or unsure about your soil type, the drainage or would just like a professional opinion, then please do not hesitate to Wessex Grounds Services on 0300 303 8616.

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