Is climate change playing havoc with your pitches?

Climate change is having a huge impact on weather patterns across the world including Britain, with some regions suffering more than others. Fixtures are being cancelled left right and centre, especially at grass roots level.

Is there a fix? – Clubs need to be looking at investing into strategies that are long-term as continuous fixing and repairing of quagmire pitches could drastically out-weigh a bill for resurfacing.

The FA has set up a programme to build 3G & 4G pitches however if you are not one of the lucky ones to have received funding or cannot afford to change your service is there another option? – Adding drainage systems could be the answer. The rugby and cricket boards are worth a contact to see what funding they have available, and the criteria for selection.

Either fix is not cheap, however in the long term investing in prevention now could work out cheaper.

So why are we writing this article now when the winter season has only just begun? – Well the planning needs to start now for either option. We appreciate that you can’t dig up a pitch whilst it is needed for fixtures, but assessing where the major problems are on the pitch this season could help give the answers for managing your pitch for the seasons to come.

Short term fixes include using the right mowers that have sharp blades and can cut damp or wet grass if necessary. Divot pitches after use and repair surface damage immediately.

Please contact us for all questions regarding maintenance, protection, drainage and possibility of resurfacing. At the end of the day you don’t really know what could be possible until you are given a) some advice and b) the approximate costings.Water logged pitch

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