That sheer shock when you are nominated, to the absolute thrill of being announced the winner. It is hard to put such an achievement into words but we are about to try.

Nigel Beckett has worked tirelessly for Wessex Grounds Services at Osprey Quay and all that hard work has paid off in the form of a beautiful transformed location and a national award in recognition of the works carried out and transformed quay.

Nigel informed Wessex Grounds Services that the Land Trust Annual Award Day went well and that it had been worth attending. In Nigel’s own words:

It’s not until I heard about other sites and projects that I felt overwhelmed with my involvement at Osprey Quay. Many sites/projects are massive from a large project at Greenwich to small projects like Osprey Quay. Many have visitor centres, cafes etc funded by large sums of money, anything up to £1m. With large community involvement. I was therefore very taken aback when Osprey was nominated with four others for the category ‘Most improved space’, I am therefore very pleased to inform everyone that WGS won the category! So, a National Award!

What an accolade, Wessex Grounds Services are really proud to receive this award and the company would like to thank Nigel Beckett for being the main driving force behind achieving the award.